Cybercriminals haven't wasted any time exploiting Work from Home employees!

Suddenly, critical business and accounting systems are exposed like never before to malicious attacks, theft, and ransomware.

The Incenter Tech WFH Cyber Security Package.

By deploying a series of Work From Home security measures, Incenter Tech can quickly reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack on your business.

  • Prevention & Protection: Our solution provides comprehensive protection for the laptops, desktops, and servers that drive your business. We include antivirus, anti-malware, ransomware protection, internet protection, and the ability to prevent removable media access to keep you in control of your data.
  • Monitoring & Response: We follow the sun, sleep soundly knowing that your security is our priority around the clock.
  • Training & Awareness: Our self-guided training modules give each employee clear guidance and instructions on how to identify suspicious activity, along with best practices for maintaining a secure, Work From Home, environment.
  • Technology Portal: We provide full insight into the health of your systems via a dashboard of real-time metrics and analytics.

For less than you pay to binge-watch your favorite show, you can be protected!

Reach out to learn more about our WFH package and get a free Cyber Security report card.

No matter what your size, every company’s network and security systems are different from everyone else’s.  The fastest way to assess your cyber security vulnerabilities is with our cyber security report card.  Then we can be sure you get exactly what you need to help secure your workforce.

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